We talked to our homeowners to find out what made their projects go well and what they would do differently. That feedback, along with our 25 years in the home renovation and construction business, helped us understand what makes a project successful.

1. As a homeowner, know yourself and what is important to you. For some homeowners, cost is key and timeliness and quality of materials can be sacrificed to keep the cost down. For others, being done on time is important and paying more to be done on time is preferred. Still other homeowners are willing to wait for the perfect fixture to come in stock.

2. Once you know what is important to you, talk to friends and neighbors and ask them about their experiences with their contractor. The perfect contractor for them may not be for you. Ask specific questions to understand what is important to you.

3. Talk to the local inspection office. Even if your contractor is going to pull the permits for you, it is important that you know the basics. You may not even need a permit for your project! Check on the local codes, if you are adding a second level, what is the height limit? Factor in the codes to your design.

4. Have a plan and have a backup. If you can't live without a certain material or fixture, think about sourcing it early. 

Research permits - every city is different and codes are constantly changing- not all projects require them. 

5.Have a plan- Pick out you styles ahead of time and get them ordered.  Back order snafu  can be avoided with proper planning

6. Trust your contractor. Remember they are there to navigate the often daunting task of project management so you don't have to. So jus relax and watch your project unfold. 

We hope this advice on taking the time to prepare and having realistic expectations of what to expect, helps you enjoy the many phases of your project.

We look forward to hearing from you!